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EffinlandIp is an international patent and industrial design filing company.



Patent agents, law firms and corporate IP departments need to stay well informed about the validity and potential conflicts of the IP rights they handle or own. Our search experts conduct different types of patent and design searches according to specific search criteria chosen by our clients.



A retrospective search delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the validity of a patent or the patent situation of a specific subject matter. Whether you want to check the novelty of a new development, collect material for an opposition or invalidity proceedings, or gain an overview of the state of the art or existing technical solutions of a specific technology: A retrospective search enables you to make well-founded strategic decisions.

Our search team conducts comprehensive and reliable worldwide searches for patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments. We search and analyse patents and utility models quickly and efficiently and search by applicant, inventor, classifications or keywords in relevant patent databases, as required.


Search conducted by specific criteria (country, applicant, inventor, patent classification, keyword), as required Different types of search according to their intended purpose (novelty search, infringement search, family search, citation search) Search in non-patent literature if appropriate and required



Following a retrospective search, continuous monitoring helps you to keep an eye on competitors and become aware of future trends and critical IP rights at an early stage.

On behalf of patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments, our search team helps keeping IP rights secure by conducting watches by applicant/proprietor, classifications or key words as well as citations.


Patent watches in Europe, US or Asia according to specific watch profiles

Monitoring the publications of competitors (by company name, proprietor, inventor)

Monitoring by subject matter (classification and keywords)

Monitoring new citations or publications which cite a relevant patent

International Patent services

We offer an extensive variety of services oriented to the analysis and protection of the inventions of our clients. If you need guidance for your patent filing or your National Phases do not hesitate to contact us.

International Design Patent services

If your company or you as a sole inventor are launching a new product, it is always recommendable to apply for an industrial design protection. Consider that a design patent granted will protect the aesthetic aspects of your new product preventing unauthorized copying or imitation by others, also will add value to your product and company..

Effinland Ip

EffinlandIp is an international patent and industrial design filing company. We have an important IP, attorneys, and agents networking in most countries in order to provide services for individual inventors, start-up businesses, international corporations, IP consultants, technology companies, laboratories, manufacturers, financial institutions, and business service companies among others. We connect inventors and local country IP agents who understand the local patent procedures, formal and technical aspects of the filing process, allowing us to provide a useful and timely service. EffinlandIp customers, can have peace of mind and trust that their applications will be correctly managed.

Why Effinland Ip

You need to obtain patent and design protection in one or several countries and you need to trust somebody that already manages international patent processes. We have experience in the international field, so why not work with an IP professional who understands the needs of multinational filers?.

Our History

EffinlandIp was founded in 2003, and has the experience of more than a decade of filing applications in different countries from direct country filings to PCT National Phases. EffinlandIp is a member of the Marcaria Group which specializes in global brand and digital brand protection. We are specialists in coordinating local IP agents with inventors who have different needs. Since 2003, EffinlandIp has served more than 5500 small businesses and entrepreneurs developing deep relationships with top IP firms. Today, we’re better than ever at providing international patent filings and we’re proud to be a member of one of the leading internet filing firms.


• We have filed applications for more than 5,500 customers around the world.

• We have been filing applications for more than 15 years.

• We have granted applications in more than 100 territories.

Experts in

* Intellectual Property Rights

* Novelty

* Invalidity


* Design Search

* Chemical structure

* Patent Attorney

* Law

* Computer Science & Engineering

* Information Technology

* Electrical Engineering

* Mechanical Engineering

* Electronics & Telecomm Engineering

* Life Science

* Biotech

* Pharmacy

* Chemistry


Experienced IP Attorneys

• Our team of attorneys are locally recognized and have extensive patents knowledge.

• Most of our attorneys have been working with us for more than 5 years and are members of consolidated law firms.

Simple Filing Process

• We divide the filing and prosecution process in simple and clear stages up to the patent granting.

• The stages are Patent Filing, Patent Examination, Response to Office Actions, Patent and Certificate Grant, and Annuity Payments

Dedicated Support

• A dedicated Patent Specialist is assigned to each client for consulting about their questions and needs, and managing their patent portfolio.